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Hurricane Harvey Express Claim Submission

Due to the severity of Hurricane Harvey Cypress is providing this Express Claim Submission which will allow us to quickly capture your policy information so we can start the claims process. Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-877-560-5224 with any questions you may have or to check on the status of your claim.

Your policy number begins with a 3 character prefix followed by 9 digits
Example Policy Number: FYN123456789
*Please note that we can identify your policy much faster if you are able to provide the policy number.
Contact Information
Please provide at least one phone number so we can contact you
Address Where Property Loss Occurred:
Questions Regarding Your Loss:
Do you feel safe and able to stay in your home at this time?
Do you have any damage to your home from rising flood or surface waters?
Do you have flood insurance?
Please provide the name of your flood insurance provider. (If the answer to the above question 'Do you have flood insurance?' is 'Yes')
Are there currently any openings in the roof, interior leaks, fallen trees on the home, or any damaged doors or windows?
Has any professional repair services began work on the damage being reported?