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Your Questions, Answered

We offer flexible payment options: Full Pay, Semi-Annual Pay, 4-pay (every 60 days), Quarterly Pay (every 90 days), and 9-Pay options are available. Payment plan fees may apply.

Make a payment online through our policyholder portal.

Your agent can be found on the Declarations page of your policy as well as in your account on the policyholder portal.

Find an agent near you using our Agent locator.

The DIP applies up to 2% of Coverage A for HO3/DP3 or 2% of Coverage C for HO6. When you use one of our preferred vendors, you can begin repairs immediately and pay your deductible in three Installments. Your first payment isn’t due for six months. After that, your final two installments will be billed annually— or sooner if you choose!

If you have or suspect damage to your property, contact Cypress or your agent as soon as possible.

Take photos and videos of any damage you find. Save all receipts for temporary repairs made or any mitigation measures.

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