Additional Personal Offerings from Cypress Insurance

Cypress Insurance is committed to providing a comprehensive array of products and services that anticipate the diverse needs of our customers. We recognize that every person and property we serve is unique, and we strive to offer tailored solutions to build coverage portfolios that align with your priorities.

Additional Coverage Benefits

Identity Theft Restoration Services

We’ve partnered with Identity Theft Fraud Solutions (ITFS) to offer Identity Theft coverage through your Homeowners Insurance Policy. For a small additional premium, we will provide a fully managed restoration service and reimburse you for certain covered expenses.

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Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance

A simple, comprehensive, and affordable solution that complements your homeowners insurance by covering repair and replacement costs for home equipment breakdowns which most limited home warranties exclude.

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Service Line Insurance Coverage

Service line coverage provides protection from an unexpected loss caused by a service line failure. This sometimes unforeseen and costly exposure is not covered under most homeowners insurance policies.

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Whether you are looking to recover quickly after a disaster or prevent damage before a disaster, Cypress Insurance can help you.

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Wind Mitigation

Taking steps to install mitigation features to your home, such as securing your roof and protecting windows from flying debris, can help fortify it against damage caused by hurricanes and severe weather events. Being proactive in the protection of your home may qualify you for discounts on your premium.

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Deductible Installment Plan

Don’t let paying your deductible delay important repairs. Available exclusively from Cypress, our DIP program gets you on the road to recovery fast. Homeowners who incur property losses from a hurricane or other catastrophes no longer have to delay necessary repairs until they can pay their deductible.

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