Builder’s Risk Policies

Not only does a Builder’s Risk policy protect your buildings and structures under construction, it also covers materials, supplies, equipment, and other additional costs. Each build is unique and Cypress is ready to help you construct a policy that is just right for your project.

We believe that Builder’s Risk policies should be as diverse as the construction projects they protect. That is why Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance Company offers a variety of options to address the unique needs of builders.

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Residential New Construction

We provide coverage on new home construction for any qualified entity with an insurance interest in the property. For large volume builders, we can offer a reporting form policy in which multiple risk locations can be insured under one policy as well as the ability to schedule property to the policy, such as model homes and contents, completed homes, builders’ offices and office contents.

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Remodeling and Renovation

Whether its minor cosmetic repairs, structural upgrades, or interior buildouts, we’ve got it covered. We offer customized policies for upgrades to existing residential structures that are undergoing remodeling or renovation.

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High Value Residential New Construction

We offer higher limits on an individual policy basis to fit the needs of high-value clientele. For projects that exceed 12 months to complete, we can work with our insureds to extend coverage into a second policy term.

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Light Commercial Coverage

From condominium complexes to strip malls, warehouses to churches, we have experience in underwriting, pricing, and customizing coverage for a variety of light commercial projects.

Our comprehensive Builder’s Risk policies include Building Coverage, Property In Transit, Property at Temporary Location and Soft Cost Coverage. Additional coverage is also available.

Additional Coverage Options

  • Protection for Valuable Papers and Records
  • Debris Removal Expense and Pollutant Clean-Up
  • Back-up or Overflow of Sewers, Drains, Sumps
  • Paving, Curbing, Fences, Outdoor Fixtures, Outdoor Trees, Shrubs, and Plants
  • Construction Forms, Scaffolding and Temporary Structures

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