Condominium & Rental Property Protection

Remember that your condominium association’s insurance policy does not cover the interior of your condo or your personal property. We offer a range of insurance products to protect your investment.

A Cypress Insurance Agent can provide you with a complete description of the Condominium coverage we offer, and help tailor a policy to meet your unique needs.

Condominium Coverage for All Your Needs

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Provides protection for the additions or alterations to your unit, and fixtures not covered by the condo association’s policy. For example: flooring and wallpaper.

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Personal Property

Provides protection for your belongings in your condo such as furniture and clothing.

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Loss of Use

Provides reimbursement for your expenses such as meals or lodging when your condo becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss.

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Personal Liability

Provides protection for you if someone were to file a lawsuit against you, claiming you caused them bodily injury or property damage.

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Medical Payments

Provides protection to someone not living at your residence if they are injured on your property.

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A Cypress Insurance Agent can provide you with a complete description of the Condo coverage we provide, and help tailor a policy to meet your unique needs.

Optional Coverage

Unit-Owners Coverage A Special Coverage*

Broadens the Section I Perils Insured Against to cover additional risks of loss.

Increased Loss Assessment

Coverage for assessments charged by your property owners association for damage to communal property.

Replacement Cost for Personal Property

Provides loss settlement for your personal property on a replacement cost basis, rather than an actual cash value basis.

Scheduled Personal Property*

Coverage for your valuable appraised items such as jewelry or fine arts.

Special Personal Property

Extends personal property coverage for additional risks other than named perils.

Equipment Breakdown*

Coverage for physical loss caused by mechanical breakdown, rupture, bursting, implosion or steam explosion.

Dog and Other Animal Liability

Personal liability coverage for loss caused by your animal(s).

Personal Injury

Coverage for personal injury to others such as false arrest, libel or slander.

Water Backup*

Coverage for damage to your home or personal property resulting from water which backs up through sewers or drains, or overflows from a sump.

Ordinance or Law*

Covers increases in the cost to repair your home due to local laws or ordinances.

Identity Theft Expense Coverage*

Reimbursement for certain expenses like legal fees or lost wages that result from having your identity stolen.

Sinkhole Loss Coverage*

Provides coverage for your home and personal property if either become damaged as the result of a sinkhole on your property.

Available Discounts


Secured Community*

Burglar Alarm: Central Station or Local

Fire Alarm: Central Station or Local

Sprinkler*: Total or Partial

Superior Construction*

New Construction

New Purchase**

New Home

Wind Loss Mitigation Features*

Roof Shape*

Community Building Code*

Accredited Builder*

Cypress Builders Risk*

*FL Only

**TX Only

Please note that coverage options and discounts vary by state. Limits and exclusions apply. Coverage descriptions are for educational purposes only and do not imply or guarantee coverage included in a particular policy.

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