Deductible Installment Plan DIP

The Deductible Installment Plan* is available exclusively from Cypress Property & Casualty to our Cypress Evergreen HO3, DP3, and HO6 policyholders. Apply for DIP and get your repairs done!

Working Together

Use one of our preferred vendors to begin repairs immediately and pay your deductible in three installments.

  • Your first payment isn’t due for six months. After that, your final two installments will be billed annually— or sooner if you choose!
  • Applies to up to 2% of Coverage A for HO3/DP3 or 2% of Coverage C for HO6
  • No fees
  • No interest
  • No credit check
  • No increase in premium

*A patent has been filed. Must use a Cypress approved vendor. Not applicable to HO4 policies. This document is a brief description of the DIP benefit and is not meant to be a contract, refer to actual endorsement. Please refer to your policy for full terms and conditions.

Contact Us to Learn More

If you have any questions about the DIP program please contact us today!